Development of tailored systems

In case of special requirements, or if our standard platforms are not suitable for the client, we offer the development of a brand new system, which would be customised to the specific needs of the respective client.

There is an obvious advantage that all specific requirements of the client can be met. In principle, such systems are simpler than the standard solutions, as needs of other projects do not have to be taken into account.  However, the development of a brand new solution is generally much more expensive than the choice of the established TrialDB system, as it is necessary to start from the very beginning.

Several open source projects can be used in order to reduce the costs of system development. These projects (e.g. open source database servers) are free to download and, in terms of quality, are nearly as good as commercial solutions. Even in this case, however, a new user interface has to be developed anyway.

Another disadvantage of tailor-made solutions is the fact that software development is rather time-consuming, so the entire project will be accordingly delayed.