MELANOM - data collection on patients with melanoma.

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MELANOM - data collection on patients with melanoma.

The MELANOM registry is a time-limited non-interventional post-authorization data collection on patients with melanoma. The project aims to monitor patients with modern expensive treatment of advanced disease and also monitoring of patients with adjuvant treatment. Data collection started in December 2020. The duration of the study is planned for 5 years (until the end of 2025).

start of the project: December 2020

The registry was initiated in five centres in 2020 (MOÚ, FN Olomouc, VFN, Thomayerova nemocnice, FN Hradec Králové) and will be expanded to other centres.

The creation of the registry was approved on 17th December 2019 by the committee of the Czech Oncological Society. The guarantor of the registry is Radek Lakomý, MD., Ph.D. The technical background of the project, project management, contract management, and statistical data processing is provided by the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Ltd. (IBA).

The selection of patients who will be entered into the registry is the responsibility of the physician. Diagnostics and treatment procedures, prescribing of medicinal products, monitoring, and all other treatment decisions are not dependent on this project and the physician remains fully responsible for them.

The primary goal of the registry:

The primary goal is to monitor the total number of melanoma patients treated with expensive treatment in the Czech Republic. .

Secondary objectives of the project:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the monitored treatment and the used treatment regimens
  • Analysis of patient survival concerning the observed clinical factors
  • Evaluation of the safety of the monitored treatment