RENIS II - Registry of patients with renal cell carcinoma

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RENIS II - Registry of patients with renal cell carcinoma

The RENIS II project is intended to cover the monitoring of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

start of the project: August 2020

It is a multicentric system for assessing the course and results of patients under observation, and for assessing the medicinal products and possible treatment sequences. All cancer care centres registering RCC patients will participate in the project. The whole system will be open for the prospective entry of other participants.

The registry was initiated in five centres in 2020 (MOÚ, FN Olomouc, Thomayerova nemocnice, FN Hradec Králové, KN Liberec) and will be expanded to other centres.

The project initiator is the Czech Society for Oncology of Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně. The guarantor of the registry is  Assoc. Prof. Alexandr Poprach, MD, Ph.D.. The technical background of the project, project management, contract management, and statistical data processing is provided by the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Ltd. (IBA).

The primary objective of the study is to monitor the total number of patients diagnosed with RCC in the Czech Republic.

The secondary objectives of the study are as follows:

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of monitored treatment and used treatment regimens
  • Analysis of patient survival in relation to monitored clinical factors
  • Assessment of safety of monitored treatment