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The BRESCA registry will obtain retrospective and prospective data of patients diagnosed with advanced breast cancer treated with targeted therapy. This clinical data source will reflect the real clinical practice of oncological therapy in the Czech Republic.

start of the project: December 2021

The registry will monitor all patients treated with CDK 4/6 inhibitors in participating complex oncology centres (KOC) in the Czech Republic. The effectiveness of chosen therapy in terms of time to disease progression and overall survival rate will be monitored. A specific group of patients will also be monitored, ie patients over 70 years of age, men with breast cancer, and patients in whom the tumor is associated with gene mutation in BRCA 1, BRCA 2, p53, CHEK 2, PALB 2, and more. During the project is not precluded the extension of collection to other groups and other therapeutical therapy so that the registry reflects as closely as possible clinical practice.

The primary objective

To collect clinical data from patients with diagnosed advanced breast cancer, that are treated with targeted therapy in the Czech Republic.

The secondary objectives

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the monitored treatment and the used treatment patterns
Analysis of patient survival in relation to the observed clinical factors
Evaluation of the safety of the monitored treatment
Obtaining data on biomarkers related to drug resistance

Professional guarantee

Czech society for oncology (ČOS ČLS JEP)
The guarantor of the register is MUDr. Markéta Palácová

Project Management

The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyzes, s.r.o. , a spin-off company of Masaryk University, provides management and other service activities of this project
Ing. Markéta Charousová, Project Manager
Ing. Petr Brabec, Ph.D., CEO