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The D-side project is a research initiative of the Plastic Surgery Clinic at St. Anny and collaborates on the project with the Institute of Biostatistics and Analysis, s.r.o. Specifically, it involves the collection of clinical data of patients regarding their decision (not) to undergo preventive removal of the mammary gland.

start of the project: January 2022

We are interested in the topic of breast cancer because it is the most common malignant tumor in women.

As part of prevention, women with a high risk of developing breast cancer are informed by doctors about the possibility of preventive removal of the mammary glands, the so-called prophylactic mastectomy, which is usually performed simultaneously with breast reconstruction. This operation represents one of the most effective tools for the primary prevention of breast cancer.

The aim of this project is to find out more about what women experience when deciding on preventive surgery and their needs.

The main purpose of data collection is to increase awareness of the context of the decision-making process of these women. Information from others will help health professionals better respond to the needs of other women in a similar situation (with a confirmed mutation in the genes recommended for hereditary forms of breast cancer) and will allow doctors to adjust their approach to specific patients during treatment.

We also believe that the experiences you have shared will help make this difficult decision easier for other women in the same situation. And we will help you make a decision.

The project is intended for all women, regardless of age, nationality, religion, etc., with a confirmed mutation in the BRCA 1, 2 genes, who decide or have previously decided to (not) undergo preventive removal of the mammary gland and have already been informed about the related risks of hereditary forms of breast cancer. We are therefore interested in women who are making a decision, as well as women who have already made a decision and have before surgery or are being monitored.

Expert guarantor of the project: doc. Lectured by MUDr. Libor Streit, Ph.D.

Project management: Institute of Biostatistics and Analysis, s.r.o.