CyRUS – Cystectomy Registry of the Czech Urological Society

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CyRUS – Cystectomy Registry of the Czech Urological Society

Clinical registry monitoring cases of bladder cancers treated with cystectomy and consecutive treatment.

start of the project: April 2014

Collection of data for a new project guaranteed by the Czech Urological Society - the registry of cystectomies - was launched on 1st April 2014. The project aims to develop a nationwide registry in order to build a representative data background which would allow to assess this area of cancer care. A central repository has been developed for this nationwide collection of data - a registry containing de-identified data from constituent databases, and ensuring central data validation, management, analytical processing and reporting; anonymized reporting of records from individual centres is also involved. The central repository of the system contains only de-identified data which is not provided to any other subject or third parties.

The project is also designed for the follow-up of patients after their dismissal from the hospital. In particular, the follow-up care will be monitored with respect to clinical standards.

Primary objective of the project:

  • assessment of health care results, starting with cystectomy performed due to bladder cancer - time to relapse, time to progression, hospital mortality and short-term mortality, overall survival

Secondary objectives of the project:

  • assessment of cystectomy incidence and prevalence rates linked to bladder cancer in catchment areas of individual urology centres in the Czech Republic
  • assessment of treatment safety, treatment complications
  • assessment of supportive therapy
  • influence of comorbidities, dealing with them
  • building a system allowing a nationwide assessment of treatment in urology centres

Other important information:

  • Expert guarantor: Prof. Marek Babjuk, M.D., Ph.D. (Czech Urological Society)
  • Partners: 28 urology centres in the Czech Republic (you can find more detailed information – in Czech language only – on the website of the CyRUS project)
CyRUS - Cystectomy Registry of the Czech Urological Society