Network security

Adequate security measures are enforced and applied on all communication channels or network connections which are linked to registries run by us.

Advanced encrypting methods and safe communication rules are used to protect sensitive messages – as well as any communication concerning personal or otherwise sensitive data – from tapping or abuse.


Network traffic between our internal network and the internet is filtered and monitored by a firewall. Furthermore, our servers are separated from workstations to find themselves in a “demilitarized zone” (DMZ), which is again protected and monitored by a firewall.

To ensure a higher security and performance, the firewall throughput is only limited to indispensable applications which do not put the safety at risk and do not endanger the overall safety policy.

Changes in the firewall configuration are applied immediately after the discovery of a vulnerable spot, after an attempted attack, or in order to enhance the network throughput.

Records on remote access

In case of remote access solutions, all records on computer connections are stored, especially those identifying the user and connection time.