Other security measures

Antivirus protection

Appropriate antivirus software is installed on our servers and workstations to protect the computers from a potential virus attack. The antivirus software is regularly updated and new virus definitions are downloaded on a regular basis, too.


Hardware and software are continuously monitored and potential defects or errors are fixed immediately.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is performed every month in order to identify potential safety risks. The testing is performed both from the internal network and from outside. Discovered problems (if any) are fixed immediately.

Recording changes

All changes in configuration, settings, installation, software, services etc. are tested on a non-production server or workstation before being implemented in the production system. All performed changes or interventions to configuration, installation, software, services or manipulation with user accounts are documented and recorded so that the system could be restored to a previous state if necessary.


Data and system configuration are backed up on a daily basis. The backup is stored in secured rooms so that they cannot be stolen or accidentally destroyed. The same security measures apply for the access to data backup as for the access to original data (or servers). The backup is performed at night in order to minimize the system load.

Actual backup of data and system is always available, so that the whole system can be restored as quickly as possible in case of failure.